4 Places You Can Buy a Classic Volkswagen Beetle

If you told someone that the Volkswagen Beetle was commissioned by Adolf Hitler they wouldn’t take you seriously. How could such a wonderful product of impeccable German Engineering be the poster child of the Nazi era? The ‘superbug’ is the inspiration of the modern hatchback. Small, powerful and easy to drive. If you’re looking to purchase one then you’ve come to the right place. This is a breakdown of the best places to find a VW Beetle.

1. eBay

Believe it or not eBay motors is one of the largest car depots on the internet. The site is both a credible reference point and a market place. The variety of Beetles available avails a vast variety of options from classic to modern. The prices are a fair representation of the actual market prices. The site boasts of over 100 available Vw Beetles throughout the year. The site also offers buyer protection services which greatly reduces the chance of a con or disreputable seller.

2. Allofcraigs.com

This is a clever little trick you can use to avoid using the actual craigslist website. All you have to is type in the model and year of manufacture of the bug you want. For instance type in ‘Vw Beetle 1967 Cabriolet’. You might find a well maintained classic Vw Beetle with a decent price tag. You can also the main craigslist website if you’re looking into specific cities and towns.

3. Thesamba.com

This is often considered the official classic Volkswagen Beetle marketplace. It isn’t strictly a beetle zone either, all sorts of classic VWs can be bought and sold through the Samba. This site permits you to fill in additional specifications when searching their catalog. You can find handy information and interact with other bug enthusiasts in the process. This is an international platform so some vehicles could be overseas. In this case you can arrange for the vehicle to be shipped to you.

The beetles are usually in either ready to drive or in need of restoration. The latter cost more as they are in better condition of course.

4. Small VW Enthusiast Sellers Online or Locally

While the above three resources for buying a Bug are good choices, dealing with a local VW enthusiast is one of the best ways to buy your next vintage Beetle. Someone who specializes in selling classic Volkswagens as their lifeblood really makes sure you are happy with your purchase and can give you the personal story of the car which often times is most of the fun of buying a classic VW. One of my favorite places to buy a classic VW Beetle is over at VintageVWCars.com the owner is a fun guy with lots of knowledge about his art as well as a great collector of VW stories.

Whatever your method be sure to check out all four resources and make an informed decision before choosing your next vintage collectable Beetle. Good luck

Tips For Purchasing Used Cars

used cars 3Many people buy used cars because they are much cheaper than brand new models. These people struggle hard to save a reasonable amount of money to buy a second-hand car some day in their life. This is why it is important spend this hard-earned money on a road worthy car when purchasing a second-hand car. Even though there are numerous old car dealers out there, not all of them are reliable. Do your research before going out and spending your hard-earned money on a used car. This article provides some of the best tips for buying used cars.

Never inspect a second-hand car when it is raining. The body work of the car will always look better when it is wet. Also, you may forget to check something of importance since you are rushing to get out of the rain. Stand in the front or back of the car in a straight line. Now look along the body line, you are able to witness dents and other body damages clearly as the sunlight reflects off the side of the car. Checking around the window rubbers is a great way to know if the car has been touched up. If the car has been touched up, there would be over spray along the window rubbers.

The gaps between the panels of the car should be even on both sides. This way you are able to know if the car had been in an accident, and the panels had been replaced. It is best to carry a fridge magnet with you when you go to inspect a second-hand car. Place the fridge magnet on the body of the car. The magnet will stick onto metal, but fall off when it meets body filler. This is a good way to check the bodywork of the car for filler. Look carefully at the mileage, and the interior of the car. Does the wear inside the car look in keeping with the mileage? If the mileage says 25,000 and the interior looks 100,000, then you are sure that the mileage has been tampered with. The wear on the accelerating pedal and steering wheel may give you a better idea about the condition of the car. The accelerator pedal is a lot harder to change than the brake or clutch pedals. You can get a better idea about the usage of the car by checking the accelerator pedal.

Used Cars 2

Check underneath the car for water or oil leaks. You can check the floor where the car has been parked to verify this. Check the car tires for uneven wear. If the tires are worn more on one side than the other, it is a clear indication that the car had met with an accident. The chassis can be twisted due to this accident, and this is why the tires are wearing off on one side of the car more than the other side. These are some of the most important tips for purchasing a second-hand car.